Offload Cisco CUCM tasks to your help desk.

Or, automate them altogether.

ZIRO makes Cisco CUCM tasks the simplest thing on your to-do list.

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With ZIRO for Cisco, you can offload day-to-day CUCM tasks to your help desk without worrying about complex templates or compromising Cisco Call Manager admin security.

You can also extend ZIRO any way you want with easy-to-use APIs and ITSM integrations.

360 degree view

View and update all services from a single screen without navigating through pages or menus.

No spreadsheets

Breakaway from managing your UC platform using spreadsheets, jobs, and templates.

Microsoft Teams Calling Role Bases Access

Limit user access to the numbers your helpdesk can and should manage.

Microsoft Teams Calling Troubleshooting

Quickly identify potential issues or misconfigurations and correct them instantly.

Drag n’ Drop Phone Button Editor for CUCM.

Manage phone buttons intuitively and in less time than it takes to read this copy. ZIRO makes swapping buttons and managing shared lines on a desk phone simple.

Cisco CUCM provisioning
cisco cucm

Manage Dial Plans in seconds without needing Excel.

ZIRO makes picking an available number as simple as picking an available seat on a plane. It’s so easy that even HR or Accounting can do it.

Bulk CUCM Provisioning

ZIRO’s bulk provisioning efficiently migrates users into CUCM. Reduce the time required to migrate from your legacy PBX to WebEx from hours to minutes.

CUCM Bulk Provisioning

CUCM Reporting even your help desk can generate.

Reduce escalations with simple and intuitive reports. ZIRO makes it easy for non-engineers to quickly generate quarterly, monthly, or weekly Cisco CUCM reports.

ZIRO CUCM Reporting
Zero Touch Cisco CUCM Provisioning

Zero-Touch Cisco CUCM Automation.

Make manual ticket processing a thing of the past. With ZIRO, CUCM provisioning or de-provisioning of users can be achieved without lifting a finger.

Compliance Recording

For highly regulated industries like healthcare, finance, and legal, call recording acts as a safeguard against potential legal challenges and is a crucial compliance tool.

With ZPC’s Dubber integration, users can record Teams calls or video conferences and replay, analyze, and extract actionable insights.

Microsoft Teams call recording compliance
Microsoft and Cisco Unified Dial Plan Management

Unified Dial Plan Management

Managing numbers between CUCM and Microsoft Teams is challenging for users in hybrid environments. It’s difficult to assign a number in teams without first double-checking that it is not set in CUCM or vice versa.

ZIRO offers a single pane of glass for managing dial plans across CUCM and Teams. Validate DID ranges and assign numbers in CUCM or Teams without making mistakes.


ZPCM’s Restful APIs enable easy integration of telecom management with the rest of your IT infrastructure. Integrate ZPC with IT tools like ServiceNow, ZenDesk, WorkDay, etc.

Microsoft Teams Calling Audit Trail

CUCM Provisioning Audit Trails

Keep a comprehensive audit trail of all adds, moves, and changes. This trail includes details such as who made a change, what the change was, and when it was made. The benefits of maintaining such an audit trail include:

  • Enhanced Security: Helps identify unauthorized or suspicious activities, improving overall system security.
  • Compliance: Assists in meeting regulatory requirements by providing a clear history of data handling and changes.
  • Error Tracking: Facilitates quick identification and correction of errors, improving system reliability.
  • Accountability: Establishes clear responsibility for changes, fostering accountability among users.
  • Performance Analysis: Enables analysis of changes over time, aiding in understanding the impact on system performance and user experience.
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Manage your technology

Onboarding and offboarding becomes quick and simple with ZIRO. You can manage all the MACDs and DIDs for your entire workforce with one little mouse click.

cisco cucm
Automate your workflow

What’s even better than offloading to the helpdesk? Automation. ZIRO lets you do CUCM provisioning and device modifications without ever needing manual intervention.

cisco cucm
Oversee your workplace

Get a bird’s-eye view of the big picture with ZIRO’s comprehensive analytics and reporting. You’ll have everything you need to know when it comes to user and device usage.

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Get the ZIRO for Cisco data sheet.


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