Microsoft Teams for Education

Empower educators & elevate learning with the power of Teams Phones

Streamlining workflows & boosting student success

Today’s educators face a whirlwind of tasks:  improving communication, streamlining workflows, and saving precious resources.

Is your phone system holding you back? It may be more than you think.

Microsoft Teams for education
microsoft teams for education

Introducing Microsoft Teams for Education — your springboard to a more efficient, connected learning environment

microsoft teams for education
Ditch the legacy PBX

Microsoft 365 users can add Teams calling for a potentially significant cost savings – ZIRO clients save up to 70% over a on-premise PBX. Teams integrates seamlessly, eliminating the need for separate phone service subscriptions and bulky on-premise equipment.

Communication hub

Teams unifies calling, chat, video conferencing, and file sharing into a single platform. Faculty can hold virtual meetings with parents, collaborate with colleagues on lesson plans, and chat with advisors – all within Teams.

microsoft teams for education
Anywhere, anytime

The Teams Calling app empowers staff and faculty to access calls, messages, and meetings from any device. Perfect for counselors, administrators, and anyone who’s always on the move.

microsoft teams collaboration
Teamwork made easy

Teams fosters a collaborative environment. Professors can share resources in designated channels, create virtual breakout rooms for projects, and easily hold online office hours, all within Teams.

Strengthen parent-teacher communication

Microsoft Teams for education simplifies communication with parents and students. Virtual meetings and group chats ensure important updates and school events reach everyone seamlessly.

microsoft teams Security
Microsoft's security fortress

Microsoft heavily invests in securing its cloud platform, a major benefit for protecting student and staff data. Microsoft Teams for education also scales efficiently, accommodating the communication needs of even the largest school systems.


Unlocking a seamless learning experience

Teams Phones directly addresses key objectives for College & School District CIOs, exceeding the capabilities of traditional phone systems

Enhanced digital learning

Collaboration boost

Microsoft Teams for education fosters collaboration between faculty with document sharing, virtual breakout rooms, and streamlined communication channels.

Remote learning hero

Cloud-based Teams calling allows remote students to connect with instructors and peers for virtual office hours, group discussions, or online lectures, regardless of location.

microsoft teams for education

Operational efficiency revolution

Unified platform

Microsoft Teams for education combines calling, chat, video conferencing, and file sharing, streamlining workflows for administrative staff and faculty.

Automation potential

Repetitive tasks like appointment reminders or progress report updates can be automated within Teams, freeing up valuable staff time.

Back room efficiency

With ZIRO, adds, moves, and changes can be managed with first line helpdesk personnel eliminating bottlenecks that occur during new school years or semesters.

microsoft teams for education

Unleash the power of voice streamline workflows & empower staff

Microsoft Teams Calling with ZIRO is the game-changer you need. It’s not just about calls, it’s about building a more efficient and empowered workforce.

microsoft teams security

Optimizing cybersecurity

Centralized security

Microsoft Teams for education’s robust cloud security and call encryption offer a stronger defense than managing individual phone system infrastructure.

Reduced attack surface

Less reliance on physical phones minimizes potential security vulnerabilities.

microsoft teams for education

Promoting equity and inclusion

Accessibility tools

Teams offers built-in accessibility features like live captions and screen readers, promoting inclusive communication for students with disabilities.

Remote learning equality

Cloud-based Teams calling ensures all students can participate, regardless of location, bridging the digital divide.

AI: The future of education

Clear communication is paramount in diverse classrooms. AI offers the potential to bridge communication gaps, foster inclusivity, and streamline tasks

real time language translation

Break down language barriers! AI can assist in communicating with students, parents, and schools who speak different languages, improving efficiency, collaboration, and the overall learning experience.

empower education

AI can efficiently transcribe calls and automatically summarize critical points, freeing instructors from summarizing conversations and ensuring no crucial details are missed.

compliance made easy

AI automates call recording retention and disposal, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

sentiment analysis

AI can help teachers and administrators gain valuable insights into student sentiment during calls. Identify areas of concern or dissatisfaction and take proactive steps to address them.


AI can identify and redact sensitive information from call transcripts before they are shared or stored, streamlining compliance and reducing data breach risks.

Microsoft Teams for Education Get there faster with less complexity & risk with ZIRO