Regional government — unify, simplify, save with Teams Voice

Government's modern mission control: collaboration, security, affordability

Budget pressures? Fragmented workflows? State and local government CIOs feel your pain. But what if there was a way to boost efficiency, tighten security, and save taxpayer dollars with a familiar tool?

microsoft teams for government
microsoft teams for government

Introducing Microsoft Teams Phone: your government communication powerhouse

Cut costs, streamline operations

Ditch the legacy PBX

Cloud-based Teams Phone eliminates expensive on-premises systems and their upkeep, saving up to 70%.

One platform, one bill

Consolidate voice, chat, and video into Teams, reducing the need for (and cost of) multiple apps. Many agencies already have the Teams license!

microsoft teams for government

Security built-in, compliance covered

Government cloud ready

Microsoft offers Teams Phone within Azure Government, specifically designed for your unique security needs.

Compliance confidence

Teams boasts features like data encryption and eDiscovery to meet strict government data security and record-keeping regulations.

Familiar integration

If you’re already using Microsoft 365, Teams Phone integrates seamlessly, minimizing training and reducing risk.

microsoft teams for government

Unleash the power of voice streamline workflows & empower staff

Microsoft Teams Calling with ZIRO is the game-changer you need. It’s not just about calls, it’s about building a more efficient and empowered workforce.

microsoft teams for government

Ignite teamwork, empower your workforce

Seamless collaboration

Teams lets government employees switch effortlessly between calls, chats, and video meetings, fostering a collaborative environment.

Mobility made simple

The Teams Calling app allows you to take calls anywhere, on any device. It’s perfect for remote workers and a mobile workforce.

microsoft teams for government

Fortify your security

Centralize communication on a familiar platform, minimize attack surfaces, and simplify security management with Teams Phone.

Consolidate, control

Teams Voice unifies communication channels, reducing the attack surface and making security management a breeze. Apply policies consistently across all communication methods.

Standardized security

Government agencies already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem benefit doubly. Teams Voice seamlessly integrates with existing security protocols, minimizing adoption hurdles and reducing the need for additional configurations.

Empower your workforce, drive efficiency

Boost workforce efficiency and empower your government teams with Teams Calling

microsoft teams for government

Enable employees to collaborate and take calls effectively, regardless of location.

microsoft teams for government

Teams integrates voice calls, chat, and video conferencing, fostering teamwork and streamlining workflows.

microsoft teams for government

Integrate Teams Voice with standard HCM solutions to automatically provision and de-provision communication tools as employees join and leave your organization.


Power up your strategic initiatives

AI for Smarter Government: Leverage Teams Phone as a launchpad for AI initiatives. Capture valuable voice data, unlock features like virtual assistants, and streamline call centers

microsoft teams for government

Voice conversations are a goldmine for AI development. Teams captures the real-world interactions that drive government services

microsoft teams for government

Imagine an “Ask Michael” AI assistant, available 24/7 to answer citizen questions, schedule appointments, and navigate government services.

microsoft teams for government

Use AI for self-service options like reporting issues, license renewals, and general inquiries, freeing human agents for complex cases.

microsoft teams for government

Voice interfaces empower people with disabilities and those who prefer spoken communication.

microsoft teams for government

Analyze voice interactions to identify trends and areas for improvement within government services.

microsoft teams for government

AI translation tools remove language barriers, ensuring all citizens receive the necessary services.

The future of government communication is calling.

Answer it with Microsoft Teams Phone