Microsoft Teams for Law Firms

Streamline your law firm, empower your team with Teams Voice

The legal landscape demands agility

Ever-growing caseloads, complex regulations, and geographically dispersed teams all point to one thing: your law firm needs a communication system that keeps you ahead of the curve.

But is your outdated phone system slowing you down?

microsoft teams for law firms
microsoft teams for law firms

Break free from the PBX and embrace the future with Microsoft Teams Phone and ZIRO

Teams Phone is a robust, secure communication solution built for the unique needs of legal professionals. ZIRO seamlessly integrates it with your existing tech stack, creating a unified communication hub.

microsoft teams for law firms
Effortless Microsoft integration

Most law firms already rely on Microsoft for email and productivity tools. Teams Voice integrates flawlessly, allowing seamless communication within the familiar Microsoft ecosystem.

Remote & hybrid ready

Teams Voice empowers lawyers and staff, regardless of location, to collaborate and connect effortlessly.

Client-friendly platform

Many corporate legal departments and independent law firms utilize Microsoft Teams. Leverage this existing platform for secure communication and collaboration with clients.

Security built-in, 
compliance covered

Microsoft Teams for law firms addresses legal industry security concerns with features like data encryption and information governance. Plus, it offers cost-effectiveness – firms using Office 365 can save up to 70% compared to traditional PBX solutions!

microsoft teams for law firms
CRM & case management integration

Say goodbye to siloed solutions. Seamlessly integrate Teams Voice with your existing CRM and case management systems, streamlining workflows and boosting productivity.

Effortless scalability

Microsoft Teams for law firms is cloud-based, making it easy to adapt as your firm grows.

ITOps integration

Bring voice into ITOps! ZIRO’s user-friendly software empowers your helpdesk to manage daily phone additions, moves, and changes with ease.

Advanced features, elevated service

Teams Voice offers features like call recording, voicemail transcription, and auto attendants, enhancing communication, compliance, and client service.


Confidence through unwavering security

Microsoft Teams for law firms offers robust security features, including encryption, multi-factor authentication, and compliance with industry standards like HIPAA and GDPR. This ensures law firms maintain client confidentiality and meet all regulatory requirements.

Encryption everywhere

Leverage Microsoft’s built-in security features. Teams Voice encrypts calls, keeping sensitive client conversations confidential.

Audit trails

ZIRO provides comprehensive audit trails tracking all user activity related to telephony changes, ensuring complete transparency.

Microsoft Teams for Law Firms

Stay connected, deliver results

Mobility made simple

Empower legal professionals to stay connected anywhere. Teams Calling allows lawyers to receive calls, join video conferences, and access case files from their mobile devices. Ensure deadlines are met and client needs are addressed promptly, even in remote settings.

Multi-channel communication

Enable clients to reach their legal representatives through their preferred channels – calls, video chats, or instant messages. This fosters timely communication and builds trust.

microsoft teams for law firms

Unleash the power of voice streamline workflows & empower staff

Microsoft Teams Calling with ZIRO is the game-changer you need. It’s not just about calls, it’s about building a more efficient and empowered workforce.

Empower your team, impress your clients

microsoft teams for law firms

ZIRO eliminates the need for juggling multiple communication tools. It automates tasks like phone provisioning and simplifies management of dial plans and licenses, freeing up IT resources.

microsoft teams for law firms

Foster seamless communication with instant messaging, secure video conferencing, and real-time document sharing – all on one platform. Empower your legal team to collaborate effortlessly, make quicker decisions, and streamline case management.

AI: The future of legal communication

microsoft teams for law firms

Real-time language translation removes communication barriers with foreign offices, partners, and clients. This increases efficiency and broadens your firm’s reach.

microsoft teams for law firms

AI can efficiently transcribe calls and automatically summarize key points. This frees up lawyers’ valuable time and ensures no crucial details are missed.

microsoft teams for law firms

AI automates call recording retention and disposal, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

microsoft teams for law firms

AI can analyze conversation patterns to identify areas of client concern or dissatisfaction. This allows for proactive client service and improved client relationships.

microsoft teams for law firms

AI can identify and redact sensitive information from call transcripts before they are shared or stored, streamlining compliance processes and reducing data breach risks.

Let ZIRO handle the communication complexities

Focus on what matters most – fierce advocacy and exceptional client service. Don’t just win cases, win over clients with Teams Voice.