Microsoft Teams for Manufacturing Drive success with a phone system

Transforming manufacturing communications

Maximize your Microsoft 365 investment with Teams Phone

Are you maximizing your Microsoft 365 investment?

Today’s IT managers need to juggle cost control, remote workforces, and seamless communication across the entire enterprise. Microsoft Teams for manufacturing can be a game-changer.

Microsoft Teams for manufacturing
Microsoft Teams for manufacturing

Boost supply chain agility & security with Microsoft Teams for Manufacturing
Phone Systems

A Microsoft Teams Phone system helps manufacturing IT teams achieve
their strategic objectives.

Microsoft Teams for manufacturing
Improved communication and collaboration

Teams Phone improves organizational communication and collaboration, including remote locations and factory floors. It streamlines workflows, speeds up decision-making, and fosters innovation.

Enhanced supply chain management

Real-time communication with internal and external partners facilitated through Teams calling improves supply chain visibility and agility.

Security and compliance

Microsoft Teams offers features like data encryption and multi-factor authentication to improve cybersecurity.

Integration with existing Microsoft products

Teams integrates seamlessly with the rest of your business applications, reducing complexity and improving overall IT efficiency.

Leverage your Microsoft 365 investment

A Microsoft Teams phone system can transform your business communications. It offers substantial cost savings and enhanced scalability for remote work, as well as a unified platform for seamless interaction and integration with existing Microsoft 365 investments.

Microsoft Teams for manufacturing

A Microsoft Teams phone system can reduce costs by up to 70% compared to a traditional on-premises PBX.

Microsoft Teams for manufacturing

Microsoft Teams for manufacturing scales easily for growing companies and integrates seamlessly with remote work.

Microsoft Teams for manufacturing

Teams integrates calling, chat, video conferencing, and file sharing into a single platform.

Microsoft Teams for manufacturing

Employees are already familiar with Teams, and using Teams calling extends this familiar and user-friendly experience.

Microsoft Teams for manufacturing

If you already use Microsoft 365, you may already own a Teams Phone system license. A Microsoft phone system is an effective way to leverage your existing investment.

Microsoft Teams for manufacturing

Microsoft Teams for manufacturing integrates with many CRM systems, allowing for a more cohesive view of customer interactions.

Microsoft Teams for manufacturing

A Teams Phone system with ZIRO simplifies daily management and enables the helpdesk to handle daily adds, moves, changes, and deletes.


AI + Teams Calling — the winning formula for increased productivity in manufacturing

AI is set to revolutionize manufacturing by leveraging voice data from Teams Calling. This integration enhances collaboration, accelerates decision-making, and boosts overall business execution.

Enhanced communication
and collaboration

Smart call routing

AI can analyze historical data and identify the most qualified employee to handle an incoming call. Identify employees based on expertise, language fluency, or past customer interactions. Intelligent call routing ensures faster resolution times and happier customers, aligning with a strategic vision of improved customer service.

Real-time translation

AI translation tools integrated with Teams Calling can enable seamless communication between geographically dispersed teams or with international suppliers/clients. This fosters better collaboration and removes language barriers, supporting a vision of global expansion or stronger partnerships.

Microsoft Teams for manufacturing

Improved efficiency
and productivity

Automated scheduling and reminders

AI assistants can handle scheduling calls for internal or external meetings, reducing administrative burden on employees. Additionally, AI can send automated reminders and follow-up messages, ensuring important calls aren’t missed. This frees up time for employees to focus on core tasks, aligning with a strategic vision of increased efficiency.

Intelligent call summarization

AI can generate summaries of calls, capturing key points, decisions, and action items. This saves time spent on note-taking and ensures everyone is on the same page, supporting a vision of streamlined workflows and improved decision-making.

Microsoft Teams for manufacturing

Unleash the power of voice streamline workflows & empower staff

Microsoft Teams Calling with ZIRO is the game-changer you need. It’s not just about calls, it’s about building a more efficient and empowered workforce.

Microsoft Teams for manufacturing

Employee training and support

On-demand knowledge base access

AI can create a searchable knowledge base of best practices, troubleshooting steps, and equipment manuals accessible through Teams Calling. This empowers employees to find answers quickly and reduces reliance on senior personnel, supporting a vision of a skilled and self-sufficient workforce.

AI-powered coaching and feedback

AI can analyze call transcripts and identify areas for improvement in communication or customer service. Teams Calling integration allows for personalized coaching sessions with managers, leading to a more effective workforce and aligning with a strategic vision of employee development.

Advancing manufacturing with ZIRO’s Microsoft Teams Phone system

Leverage Teams Phone and AI for enhanced operational efficiency