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How do you solve an industry like IT? You start from ZIRO.

Steven Karachinsky, CEO
March 22, 2022
Stack8 and SMACS are now ZIRO

We started Stack8 to stop the madness.


What do I mean?

Back in 2010, when we left our amazing jobs at Cisco, we made it our mission to deliver best-fit solutions because we saw too many organizations giving up on what they wanted and ending up settling for the least-worst option. Playing it safe only kept feeding into the status quo.

Vendors kept throwing features, speeds, and feeds at customers instead of solving their problems. IT teams were being boxed into purchasing discounted silver bullets that didn’t meet their needs. We still see that happening!

Consider this: most employees today want to remain remote at least half the time (87% according to Glint), most business leaders are changing their policies to offer greater flexibility (81% according to LinkedIn). But today’s digital transition is still needlessly fraught with the same confusion, run-around, and limitations as they were when we began our journey.

Having the technology to facilitate that change is essential for companies to stay competitive in employee and customer experience. Technology and tools are the new workplaces, and unified communications have to provide seamless connectivity between colleagues. That requires removing the hassles so organizations can move at the speed they need.


Welcome to ZIRO, the only IT company that makes UC hassle-free.

That’s ZIRO as in zero headaches, roadblocks, and nonsense. As in no hidden terms, back-end battles, excuses, or BS.

ZIRO means clarity, guidance, and support from real people who don’t speak like robots. In fact, we have the smartest people in IT who get it done every time and any time.

The truth is we wouldn’t be here without our customers. They spoke, we listened. The evolution of our brand is the result of being inspired to triple down by the people we do it all for.

We’re all-in!


When this is your reality, anything is possible.

Making UC easy guides everything we do, so we never stop tackling the next big hassle to make our customers’ jobs simpler and easier.

As we see it, the how is where the hassles really explode and decisions stall. IT teams are smart. They know what to do. But nobody steps up to take accountability to show them how to get what they want.

Today we’re tackling the hassles at the UC level because that’s where our expertise lies. But we’re not stopping there. We plan to revolutionize how all IT organizations work and solve the issue regardless of the tech.

So forget the status quo. Come along with us as we make IT hassle-free.

What do you say?



Ready to take your unified communications from headache to hassle-free?

No throwing darts at proposals or contracts. No battling through the back-end. No nonsense, no run-around.