Tech teams unite: unleash the power of Teams Voice

Innovation demands seamless collaboration

In today’s lightning-fast tech world, clear communication and teamwork are the difference between breakthrough and breakdown.

But is your outdated phone system holding you back?


The Microsoft Advantage

Teams Voice seamlessly integrates calling, chat, meetings, and collaboration into the familiar Microsoft 365 environment. Your tech team can switch communication methods on the fly, maximizing efficiency.

Scale with agility

Cloud-based Teams Voice scales effortlessly as your company grows. No need for bulky on-premises equipment, just pure scalability.

Security built-in, compliance covered

Teams Voice leverages the robust Microsoft security framework, reducing your learning curve and ensuring top-tier security. Plus, it adheres to strict compliance regulations.

Slash costs, boost productivity

Teams Voice can reduce communication costs by a staggering 70% compared to traditional on-premises solutions. Let those savings fuel your next innovation!


Fuel your strategic initiatives

Teams Voice isn’t just a communication tool – it’s a springboard for innovation.

AI powerhouse

Voice conversations within Teams become a rich data source to train powerful AI models. Foster seamless collaboration among AI development teams while harvesting valuable data.

The voice of AI

Integrate chatbots or virtual assistants directly into Teams. These AI tools allow for natural voice interaction, offering support to customers or streamlining internal workflows.

Breakthrough collaboration
for AI teams

Teams Voice fosters seamless communication and information sharing between researchers, engineers, and data scientists, accelerating AI development cycles.

video conference

Cybersecurity fortified

Consolidate communication channels with Teams Voice, reducing attack surfaces and streamlining security management.

Centralized security

Teams Voice minimizes potential vulnerabilities by consolidating communication channels. This simplifies security management and ensures consistent application of security policies.

Leverage existing expertise

Tech companies already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem gain a double benefit. Teams Voice seamlessly integrates with existing security protocols, minimizing adoption hurdles and reducing the need for additional configurations.


Unleash the power of voice streamline workflows & empower staff

Microsoft Teams Calling with ZIRO is the game-changer you need. It’s not just about calls, it’s about building a more efficient and empowered workforce.

Business optimization at warp speed

Empower your tech workforce with Teams Voice for data-driven decision making, seamless remote collaboration, and automated user management.

technology business
Data-driven decisions

Teams Voice calls can be transcribed and analyzed with AI tools. This provides valuable insights into customer interactions, helps identify areas for improvement, and optimizes workflows.

Remote work revolution

Teams Voice facilitates seamless communication and collaboration for geographically dispersed teams. This is crucial for optimizing workflows and ensuring efficient project completion in a global tech environment.

Automated user management

Integrate Teams Voice with standard HCM solutions for automatic provisioning and de-provisioning of communication tools as employees join and leave your organization.

supply chain management

Supply chain supremacy

Secure communication with partners and real-time collaboration through calls and video conferencing are essential for a smooth-running supply chain.

Partner communication elevated

Teams Voice provides a secure and reliable platform for communication with suppliers and partners across your supply chain.

Real-time collaboration made easy

Voice calls and video conferencing within Teams enable real-time discussions and information sharing with stakeholders across the supply chain, fostering faster problem-solving and agile decision-making.

Answer the call and unlock the power of innovation with ZIRO