ZIRO Dial Plan Management

Cisco Dial Plan Generator

No Excel Required!

Intuitive Cisco Dial Plan Generator, even Lynelle in HR can do.

With ZIRO for Cisco, picking a Direct Inward Dialing number (DID) is like picking a seat on an airplane.

ZIRO Dial Plan Management

Dial Plan Management without the headache.

Get a real-time picture of your dial plan

Reduce user onboarding time from minutes to seconds. ZIRO lets you view assigned and recently deleted numbers with ease.

Pick a DID from the grid of available numbers. Assign it and you’re done!

ZIRO Dial Plan Management

Say good-bye to Excel-Hell

No more maintaining out-of-date spreadsheets or relying on inconvenient route plan reports for every user you onboard and offboard. With ZIRO’s Cisco dial plan generator your help desk can manage DIDs with virtually no training.

ZIRO Dial Plan Management - Excel-Hell

Keep your Corporate Directory up to date

Supercharge your workflow with ZIRO’s Write-Back to Active Directory feature. It not only automatically updates each user’s telephoneNumber/ipPhone attribute, but it also keeps 3rd-party tools (like Outlook and Workday) up to date seamlessly.

ZIRO Write Back to Active Directory

Cisco Dial Plan Generation Done Right

dubber call recording

If you can pick a seat on an airplane, you’ll learn Cisco dial plan generator in no time.

dubber call recording

With full visibility of your entire dial plan, you can assign numbers and extensions with confidence.

dubber call recording

Save time and money by reducing onboarding effort and eliminating out-of-date spreadsheets with ZIRO’s Cisco dial plan generator.

Ready to take your unified communications from headache to hassle-free?

No throwing darts at proposals or contracts. No battling through the back-end. No nonsense, no run-around.