ZIRO CUCM Reporting

Cisco call reporting even your help desk can generate.

Reduce escalations with simple and intuitive Cisco call reporting.

ZIRO for Cisco empowers your teams to answer day-to-day Cisco call reporting questions on their own.

ZIRO CUCM Reporting

ZIRO makes it easy for non-engineers to quickly generate quarterly, monthly, or weekly CUCM reports.

CUCM CDR Call Logs

Call Center supervisors and help desk staff can get answers to day-to-day questions with minimal effort.

There’s no need to comb through lines of raw CDR logs to get visibility on calls that don’t go as planned.

And if you need to dive deeper, you can either export to Excel or check out Variphy.

ZIRO Reporting - CDR Call Logs

Directory Number Availability

Say goodbye to Excel-Hell. Get a live bird’s-eye view of your entire dial plan inventory broken down by location so that you can quickly identify where you are running out of numbers and when to order more.

Need more detail? Export Cisco call reporting to Excel to get a line-by-line breakdown of every number and extension in your dial plan including availability, description, and associated location.

ZIRO Reporting - Directory Number Availability

Device Utilization

Gain useful insights into how devices in your environment are being used (or not!). With ZIRO you can quickly see device user adoption trends and identify unused devices that can be repurposed.

Have a big phone migration project coming up? Don’t blindly rip-and-replace hardware! Identify what is actually being used so you can migrate with certainty AND potentially save money.

ZIRO Reporting - Device Utilization

Orphaned Devices

Offboarding users typically starts with HR deactivating the user in Active Directory. Then the next scheduled LDAP synchronization automatically updates the user’s status from active to inactive.

But what if HR doesn’t let you know? You can end up with an excess of floating and now defunct devices bloating your CUCM, costing you licenses and money. With ZIRO you can instantly identify unowned devices and eliminate them in a single click!

ZIRO Reporting - Orphaned Devices

Global Directory

ZIRO ensures phone numbers assigned to your CUCM users are accurately reflected in LDAP.

You can quickly eliminate confusion and correct out-of-sync user information in a single click.

ZIRO Reporting - Global Directory

Cisco Call Reporting

Build and store the reports you need to empower your team using a few lines of SQL code.

And once they’re built, share your custom reports with your stakeholders to run on-demand whenever they need them.

ZIRO Reporting - Custom Reports

Answer simple Cisco call reporting questions on the fly.

cisco call reporting

Let your help desk answer routine questions on their own with intuitive off-the-shelf Cisco call reporting.

cisco call reporting

Free yourself and your team from endless lines of code, CUCM Admin-Hell, and Excel-Hell.

cisco call reporting

Save your organization money by eliminating unused licenses and unowned devices.

Ready to take your unified communications from headache to hassle-free?

No throwing darts at proposals or contracts. No battling through the back-end. No nonsense, no run-around.