Drag and Drop Phone Button Management

Cisco Phone Button Drag n’ Drop Automation for CUCM.

Are Cisco Phone Buttons and Templates giving you grief?

How much time is wasted swapping Cisco phone buttons and managing button templates in CUCM?

Adding a Phone Line, Speed Dial, or Busy Lamp Field (BLF) is easier with ZIRO for Cisco.

cisco phone button

To do a routine Cisco phone button swap, multiple CUCM screens must be accessed. ZIRO replaces them all with a simple drag n’ drop.

Manage Cisco Phone Buttons and Button Templates in seconds!

ZIRO makes swapping phone buttons and managing shared lines on a desk phone simple.

Quickly swap buttons

From Speed Dials to Busy Lamp Fields (BLFs), you can instantly move/change the order and position of any phone button.

Click, drag, drop. Done!

Cisco CUCM provisioning

Correctly add lines

Ensure line appearance settings like external mask and line label are correctly set every time without the worry of forgetting to enable recording profiles and media sources.

Shared lines are configured automatically based on their existing appearance on other devices.

Phone Button Management - Shared Lines

No steep learning curves or training is required.

No Training

Your end users and help desk won’t need any training to start using it. Best of all: no need to access CUCM.

No Guesswork

No guesswork around adding shared lines means your help desk can get the job done right the first time.

No Tickets

Allowing employees to customize their own Cisco phone button layout means less tickets for you.

Ready to take your unified communications from headache to hassle-free?

No throwing darts at proposals or contracts. No battling through the back-end. No nonsense, no run-around.