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In a world full of business communications technology choices, how do you choose?

Steven Karachinsky, CEO
May 27, 2021

If the new millennium represents anything, it has to be “choice”. From the wonderment that is UberEats to Amazon to iTunes, YouTube, and more — there are literally a million things to choose from at every turn. And that includes communications tools for businesses.

Just look at this past year as an example. When a large part of the global population was being told to go home, stay there and work remotely, what choice did your business make to communicate with the world? Was it Zoom? Microsoft Teams? Maybe Skype? Webex Teams?

Meanwhile, what choice did you make for your phone service? Or your call center? Was it RingCentral? Or was it 8×8? Maybe you had Microsoft Teams Calling or Microsoft Teams Direct Routing thrown into the mix?

Have I listed enough? Because I could go on. Because again… the choices are endless!

Seriously, this crazy world of business communications technology presents itself like a Spotify playlist made by a fully connected teenager. When that is the case, how do you choose? Can you? Should you?

Personally, I don’t have to look much past my own desktop for a virtual cornucopia of connectivity tools. I literally get calls all day through Webex Teams, and then I jump to MS Teams. Then, off to Slack. Then I have to hop on countless external Zoom calls. About 3-4 times during the day, I FaceTime my daughters. And then I round it all off with a Skype call to family across Canada to make sure everyone got the gifts we tossed in the mail last week. And then… REPEAT!

See where I’m going with this? But that’s not even close to the end of this story. Sure, your company may very well have chosen a tool for you. But is it your tool of choice? Does it work well? Does it even work the way you would like it?

This is the challenge that companies face every day — a battle of the collaboration brands and what “flavor” people prefer. For instance, if you dislike the tool chosen for you, what’s stopping you from simply paying for an alternative one yourself? After all, if it’s the way you like to work, so be it — right? Well, compliance and IT may have something to say about it. But that is not the problem, that’s just the symptom — one caused again by multiple choices, paired with poor user experiences.

And that’s where we land today: with a hassle-filled ecosystem of too many collaboration tools that aren’t meant to be easily implemented, managed, or maintained. So what’s the alternative? How about a multitude of choices that can all work together? Preposterous, you say? After all, it’s not like your iTunes works and plays well with your Spotify account — so why should your collaboration tools?

If all of this sounds like a hassle, it’s because it is. Or at least, it was.

There is hope, and it’s based on choice — any choice you have now, and in the future. Why? Because we actually solved the “hassle” part where business connectivity is concerned.

From now on, we can help you combine intuitive provisioning software with world-class services. We provide a hassle-free connection of all the so-called dots so you can build the ideal UC stack for your organization — regardless of PBX, cloud, or on-prem (or both), and from any brand or many brands. Just imagine the simplicity of choice.

Now, your only challenge is figuring out who to order from on that damn UberEats app… seriously, why is there so much to choose from?

Ready to take your unified communications from headache to hassle-free?

No throwing darts at proposals or contracts. No battling through the back-end. No nonsense, no run-around.