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Why the world is embracing outsourcing—and the answer is not what you think.

Steven Karachinsky, CEO
August 5, 2020

As the world’s business-related technology continues to evolve at exponential rates, organizations of all types have realized that the complexity involved in managing and maintaining systems of any kind is potentially a losing battle. More so, it equates to far too many human hours of involvement, oftentimes requiring too much of an investment in staffing costs.

It’s for this reason that the ROI for many is often calculated in the immediate dollars saved—for most, a simple headcount cost reduction. And though that may be something that results in instant gratification, it by no means should be the reason why you would consider outsourcing anything.

Let me put this into context, something that can be quantified, and something that I have years of experience in and continue to live with every day. As the guy who runs a Unified Communications solutions company, I see companies continually struggling with the management of their UC environment: it’s the primary reason why they call us to solve their perceived issues. Interestingly enough, the issues they think they have, are rarely the actual problem.

The mindset is usually that of immediate savings. A headcount here and there and suddenly money is being added back to the bottom line. But any good CFO will tell you that saving money is not the primary goal. More so, it’s getting far more ROI out of so-called line item systems that will drive the business forward.

Okay, so we have now determined that ROI is a far bigger deal than cost savings. But here is where the real challenge rears its head. In fact, even the ROI byproduct of being able to pass off the hard work and hours to a managed service provider to reallocate resources to bigger and better projects is only the tip of the iceberg—it still doesn’t address the full reasoning or outcome of having a UC managed service provider at the helm.

As stated previously, the complexity of technology—especially that of UC—requires far more resources, far more expertise, and far more time and energy than most would ever consider. After all, as UC becomes the lifeblood of all organizations, and this is not in reference to an ongoing global pandemic, it has its own obvious impacts—I’m talking more about everything from productivity and connectivity, to customer service, to access to a global talent pool, and more. This is what needs to be managed, especially given that everything I just listed is in direct relation to growth and profit.

This is where talent and insight all seamlessly comes together. It’s about letting experts manage UC to its fullest, all while leveraging the collective decades of experience across hundreds of organizations—knowing what works, what doesn’t, how to circumvent potential issues, all the while implementing nothing but globally recognized best practices across the board to drive success.

So, now we’ve at least scratched the surface. But beyond talent and insight—the things that address the “now”—also comes the foresight for future endeavors. A good UC Managed Services company will make sure you’re up and running at all times. A great UC Managed Services partner will ensure that you’re up and running at all times while planning the next major evolution far in advance to ensure the organization is ready for whatever the future may hold.

And perhaps that’s the greatest value of all. The here and now are, of course, imperative—the very nature of UC has become so mission critical that downtime measured even in minutes can translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars lost. But preparing for the future and knowing how to navigate trends versus realities, the true impacts of digital transformation, tackling the big concerns around business continuity, how customers are evolving and what they will eventually expect from customer service—the ROI from this is where the true gold resides.

So, when contemplating the outsourcing model—for UC or any other aspect of your organization for that matter—don’t calculate money saved. More so, calculate the endless possibilities and exponential growth that comes with working with global experts. That’s where your business begins to truly realize what real ROI can do.

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