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Stack8 Brings Agent Provisioning to SMACS

Carl Karawani, Software Engineering Director
May 30, 2019

Stack8’s latest Cisco provisioning suite cuts agent provisioning times from hours to seconds

Montreal, CANADA, May 30 2019: Stack8, a leader in Cisco Unified Communications (UC) Services, and Solutions, has released the latest version of its flagship SMACS provisioning software, now with powerful agent provisioning. The new feature allows Cisco engineers to easily configure the agent’s skills, call recording options, as well as associate the device to the application user in just seconds, cutting hours from the on-boarding process

IT teams regularly spend upwards of 15 minutes per employee onboarding, which adds up quickly for call centers with hundreds of staff and high turnover. SMACS Version 6 offers users a simple and easy to use platform that reduces provisioning times to as little as 30 seconds per new employee, making the process more efficient and cost-effective.

This speed is made possible by Stack8’s intuitive user interface, which foregoes the complexity of traditional provisioning platforms for a convenient drag-and-drop dashboard. Rather than relying on costly engineers or level 3 helpdesk for this process, businesses can empower their level 1 helpdesk or junior IT team to provision agents quickly and correctly. This not only saves on costs but also frees up senior engineers to focus on more strategic priorities.

Carl Karawani, SMACS Product Owner at Stack8, explained: “Across every call-center, we work with, there is one priority all managers have in common. They want their engineers to step away from provisioning and spend more time on new projects. This has been a challenge until now because the provisioning process required a high level of IT proficiency. With SMACS V6, we’ve listened to our customers and developed a solution that’s as user-friendly as it is effective, which means IT experts spend less time on admin and more time driving business growth.”

Additional updates to SMACS Version 6 include significant enhancements to the self-service portal. Users can now manage their own speed-dial and speed-dial BLF buttons using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Self-service portal users can now manage their own call-forward destination as well, removing this frequent and menial task from your IT team’s workload.  Empowering users to do more for themselves is yet another way that SMACS frees up technical resources to focus on more valuable projects.

See demonstrations of SMACS at Cisco Live 2019

Join the Stack8 team at Cisco Live in the Collaboration Village to see a demonstration of SMACS, 

Cisco Live: June 09 – 13 in San Diego.

About Stack8

Stack8 aspires to deliver on the promise of Unified Communications. Today, the majority of companies that have transitioned to IP communications have effectively just bought an expensive phone system, yielding little business performance improvements. While the promise of digital communications is well-defined companies just can’t get there. There are numerous factors holding customers back, led by integrators/partners treating this move like any other project. Once the technology is installed, they move to the next project stranding the customer with a complicated and difficult to use the platform.

We built Stack8 to fight for our customers. We seek to get past the broken promises of integrators by building a pathway to digital communications while also adhering to disciplined IT processes. This quest requires a blend of creativity, passion, and experience so that our clients no longer have to accept the status quo.

We believe in this promise and have built our company to lead our customers on their Digital journey.

Founded in 2010, Stack8 Technologies is an independent, privately held company based in Montreal, Canada. To find out more, please visit

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