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ZIRO releases provisioning software for Microsoft Teams (updated)

Achim Klor, Director of Marketing
May 26, 2021
ZIRO Provisioning Software for Microsoft Teams

[MONTREAL, May 26, 2021] — ZIRO (formerly Stack8), the only IT company that makes UC hassle-free, today announced the release of SMACS 7.0 (now ZIRO Provisioning)—the company’s intuitive Unified Communications software that makes integration and provisioning of Microsoft Teams simple and easy for any enterprise business.

The new release provides cloud voice services for Microsoft Teams, including Direct Routing integrations to Cisco, Zoom, RingCentral, and 8×8.

ZIRO Provisioning also debuts built-in business intelligence modules and out-of-the-box processes that accelerate and simplify provisioning. You can customize processes based entirely on individual business needs.

“It’s no surprise that companies are quickly adopting Microsoft Teams as their collaboration and communications platform of choice,” said Steven Karachinsky, CEO. “From improving workforce efficiency to enhancing productivity and more, Teams is now the go-to choice of the world’s leading organizations.”

“But adopting Microsoft Teams can be a challenge—especially given that shifting from a remote to a hybrid workplace can add additional complexity and uncertainty,” he adds. “We have solved that challenge. After a decade of successfully helping Cisco customers simplify and enhance their Unified Communications, we now do the exact same thing for users wishing to use Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams Calling, and Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. Best of all, our services and our software continue to ensure that any implementation is 100% hassle-free.”

Furthermore, ZIRO’s easy-to-use interface manages provisioning tasks within seconds. Even users with limited technical knowledge can manage extensions, moves, adds, and changes. 

The software eliminates long and expensive development times for creating customized and automated workflows. It also enables users of any skill level to immediately implement out-of-the-box functionality and integrations. Creating custom workflows in HR and ITSM (ServiceNow) only takes seconds rather than hours.

ZIRO Provisioning also provides analytics and reporting. Users can consolidate metrics from a variety of sources and create any number of custom reports and dashboards. These reports help implement cost reductions; identify adoption challenges and opportunities; enable compliance adherence and risk reduction; make insightful business decisions that affect business success.

ZIRO continues to offer world-class services designed to mitigate risk and complexity. Customers can operate their Unified Communications in a completely hassle-free manner regardless of their chosen tools or service providers. IT and Help Desk teams can improve end-user experiences in a matter of minutes, saving both time and money.

For more information about ZIRO provisioning software for Microsoft Teams, visit

Editor’s Note: The post has been updated to reflect the change from SMACS to ZIRO Provisioning. 

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