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Stack8 Launches SMACS 4.0 User Provisioning Tool for Cisco Unified Communications Solutions

Steven Karachinsky, CEO
October 5, 2017

Faster, more powerful and simpler than ever SMACS 4.0 takes the guesswork out of UC provisioning

Montreal, CANADA, October 05, 2017 – Stack8, a leading provider of managed and professional services and proactive automation solutions for Cisco Unified Communications (UC), today announced the release of SMACS 4.0,  a complete redesign of its Stack8 Moves, Adds, and Changes System (SMACS) user provisioning tool. 

Provision users and devices to Cisco UC in less than a minute!

SMACS 4.0 is designed to ease organizations through the complexities of managing Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC) for both users and devices. The solution can make changes in seconds across your entire user base instead of hours. The user interface is so intuitive that you can push all MAC related functions to the help desk or level 1 support – thus freeing up senior, highly skilled and valuable resources. 

“Enabling our clients to work more efficiently is at the core of everything we do, and one way that we uphold this commitment is by continually advancing and enhancing our solutions based on our customers changing needs,” explained Steven Karachinsky, CEO of Stack8. “With SMACS 4.0, we are again bringing UC provisioning technologies to all new levels.” 

SMACS 4.0 New Feature Set

360° View:  The redesigned user interface displays all active services for any given user, providing quick access to make any Moves, Adds, and Changes within Cisco UC systems. 

Add or Remove Services in a single click: SMACS 4.0 enables the administrator to add or remove devices or services in a single click.

Full Field Customization

  • Show or Hide: Decide which fields or services should be shown to the user.
  • Required: Choose which fields are required.
  • Default Values: Provide default values for any field.
  • Drop Downs: Select and order the values of any drop down.
  • Text Field: Ensure text fields (ex. Descriptions, Labels) follow your company standards.

Field Validation: Provides instant feedback when loading any of the user’s services. This helps you quickly identify misconfigurations or see when the field doesn’t follow your Company’s standards.

“We have redesigned SMACS from the ground up, making it faster, more powerful and simpler than ever for users,” said Carl Karawani, Software Development Manager at Stack8. “The newly expanded feature set in SMACS 4.0 alleviates the day-to-day Cisco UC provisioning challenges while maintaining the ease of use and power our clients have come to expect.”


SMACS 4.0 is available immediately and can be seen live at Cisco Connect Toronto, October 12th. Booth #38. For more information and to request a demo, please visit

About Stack8

We work with Cisco UC customers who need to reduce the cost and complexity of keeping their UC environment running efficiently and want to minimize (or eliminate) user frustrations around system performance.

Essentially, we are Cisco UC specialists, that provides a mix of managed services, proactive automation, and in-depth expertise to address both the mundane and complex Cisco problems, helping organizations maximize both the frequency and range of use of the technology. Unlike traditional Cisco partners, our approach addresses Cisco UC issues, and opportunities more thoroughly, reducing the delays and frustrations that arise when expertise is lacking and helping to identify quick wins to get more value from the system, building confidence and support in the user community.

Founded in 2010, Stack8 Technologies is an independent, privately held company based in Montreal, Canada. To find out more, please visit


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