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How to Plan a Flawless Migration to Teams Calling

November 9, 2022


Do you have a plan for how you’ll move your phone system to Teams?

We see companies struggle with these projects all the time. When migrations go wrong, you can run into some major problems:

  • You could invest way more money and time than you need to.
  • There’s stress with number porting, end-user training & configuration.
  • Rocky projects tarnish your career growth and seat at the table.

How can you be certain your organization has a rock-solid process that makes you look like a superstar?

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll show you our proven (and guaranteed) blueprint to make your Microsoft Teams Phone migration easy and cost effective.


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  • David Perlis, COO
    With more than two decades of experience in a COO role, no one knows how to get things done better than David. And with more than 12 years of UC experience at ZIRO (formerly Stack8), he has the industry knowledge and expertise to help companies achieve their business goals.
  • Eric Losier, CTO
    With over 18 years of IT experience at ZIRO (formerly Stack8) and Cisco, Eric specializes in the design and architecture of complex collaboration and contact center solutions. He is a firm believer that any business challenge can be overcome with the right combination of technology, people, and creative thinking.


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