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eBook – Why Unified Communications has become Mission Critical to Business Success

August 7, 2020

How companies need to address UC
management to remain competitive

As 2020 continues to march on in the face of a global pandemic, organizations of all types have quickly realized that their communications systems are mission critical while also lacking the resources to maintain critical uptime simultaneously. In fact, the adoption and usage of Unified Communications (UC) has risen an astounding 86% during the COVID-19 pandemic as companies continue to struggle to modernize their communications infrastructure.

Pair this situation with the results of studies that show Unified Communications lead to 70%+ rises in productivity, 90%+ increases in collaboration, and a 90% increase in expedited problem solving, and it’s clear as to why UC has become the single most important technological focus of the decade.

So, with UC being the center of all business activity, what can companies do to ensure they achieve more than simply keeping the proverbial lights on? This is where Unified Communications Managed Services become a critical step towards both maintaining and evolving UC infrastructure to continually meet the demands of evolving business.

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