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ZIRO Makes Microsoft Teams Recording and Reporting Easier

Paul Yantus
September 28, 2023
Microsoft Teams Call Recording and Enhanced Reporting

Montreal, QC. (September 28, 2023) – Today, ZIRO, a unified communications solutions provider, unveils a game-changing update to its ZIRO Platform for Microsoft (ZPM) – offering unmatched features like Microsoft Teams recording and enhanced reporting tools.

Why is this news?

Microsoft Teams Calls Just Got Smarter: ZIRO for Microsoft’s latest version now lets users not just record their Teams calls or video conferences but replay, analyze, and extract actionable insights. This enhancement to ZPM isn’t just about Microsoft Teams recording; it’s about staying ahead in the compliance game. For sectors like healthcare, finance, and legal, ensuring regulatory compliance, safeguarding against potential legal challenges, and tapping into valuable customer insights becomes a breeze.

Microsoft Teams recording

Dive Deeper with Enhanced Reporting: Admin users, rejoice! ZPM now empowers you to create custom PowerShell reports directly. Whether routine management, big-picture strategy, or emergency action, ZPM’s improved Microsoft Teams reporting offers a comprehensive scope, weaving together insights, automation, compliance, troubleshooting, and security.

enhanced Microsoft Teams reporting

“Feedback drives innovation. Our clients craved enhanced reporting and Microsoft Teams recording. We listened. Teams call recording isn’t just about compliance; it’s an avenue to refine customer interactions continually. While vital for compliance, reporting is the compass for seamless communication management,” shares Steven Karachinsky, ZIRO’s visionary CEO.

But There’s More:

For Helpdesks: ZPM’s support for non-DID number provisioning enables admin users to assign extensions to a central shared number, effortlessly enhancing auto attendants and call queue support. 

Microsoft Teams DID number provisioning

License Management Made Easy: ZPM’s enhancements in group-based licensing ensure transparency in license assignments and streamline processes. Easily determine if a license is assigned directly to a user or inherited through a security group by consulting the 365 Licenses tile.

Microsoft Teams License Management

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