Your Guide to Better Voice Communications for Microsoft Teams

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Your Guide to Better Voice Communications for Microsoft Teams

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We all want communications to be convenient.

We used to have separate physical devices for phone calls, email and chat, and video conferencing. Over time, communications became consolidated into a single physical form factor, which for the most part was a smartphone or a desktop computer. Unified Communications (UC) addressed both of those markets by combining video, voice, chat and contact center into a single platform scenario, facilitating collaboration and communication from anywhere on almost any device.

And while the trend of “work from anywhere” continues to grow exponentially, we also recognize a second parallel trend where organizations aren’t just expecting employees to communicate from any geographical location. They expect them to communicate from any contextual application as well. 

This comprehensive guide will show you the steps required to evaluate voice services for MS Teams, as well as help you determine:

  • Why organizations struggle to integrate communications platforms 
  • What kind of telephony coverage is required
  • User training initiatives 
  • How to use / integrate Teams with your call center software
  • How to guarantee success

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