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Introducing SMACS Version 4.0 User Provisioning Tool

Carl Karawani, Software Engineering Director
September 27, 2017

NOTE: SMACS is now ZIRO Provisioning

Faster, more powerful, and simpler than ever!

The Stack8 development team has been hard at work on the release of SMACS version 4.0 User Provisioning Software. We are always focused on delivering the latest innovations that our customers need to simplify user provisioning while increasing the speed of deployment.

The look and feel have undergone a massive makeover while maintaining the ease of use that makes SMACS such a powerful UC user provisioning tool today. The new 360º View gives you a quick and convenient view of the various services your users currently have.

SMACS 4.0 UI.png

The redesigned user interface displays all active services for any given user, providing quick access to your help desk or level 1 support team to make any Moves, Adds, and Changes within Cisco UC systems.


Add & Remove Services in a Single Click

SMACS 4.0 makes it even easier to perform Moves Adds and Changes to your user’s profile by enabling the administrator to add or remove devices or services in a single click.

Cx3dTVK - Imgur.gif


Managed Simplicity

The custom field feature in SMACS 4.0 allows the administrator to customize multiple fields simply and easily.


Full Field Customizations

Show or Hide        Decide which fields or services should be shown to the user.

Required                Choose which fields are required.

Default Values     Provide default values for any field.

Drop Downs          Select and order the values of any dropdown.

Text Fields            Ensure text fields (ex. Descriptions, Labels) follow your company standards.

Ex 1. A SMACS Administrator decides which dropdowns should be visible and what values they should have:

vHv526L - Imgur.gif


Ex 2. Adding a desk phone now requires the SMACS user to simply select from the three values set up by the Administrator



Instant feedback on bad configurations

Lack of standardization in naming conventions and configurations across a UC environment is a pain point all UC admins are familiar with. Multiple users creating and modifying users, devices, and services in the same environment make enforcing standards a tall order. The task of cleaning up an environment or identifying misconfigurations resulting from a lack of standardization is even more daunting.

The new Field Validation feature provides instant feedback when loading any of the user’s services. This helps you quickly identify misconfigurations or see when the field doesn’t follow your company’s standards.

4gx4ngc - Imgur.gif


If you’re interested in seeing how SMACS can help you and your team deal with the complexities of Moves, Adds, and Changes within Cisco Unified Communications Manager please request your demo today.

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