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Cisco Introduces New Collaboration Licensing Solution – Flex 3.0

George-Robert Aime
September 28, 2020

Effective September 23rd, Cisco has released its latest version of its collaboration licensing solution Cisco Flex 3.0.

What’s new in Flex 3.0

Version 3.0 offers several essential changes that will impact existing users and potential new users interested in Cisco Collaboration tools

  • End of Life – Perpetual Calling Licenses
  • Customers will no longer be able to buy perpetual user licenses.
  • Commercial model change only
  • End of sale on SWSS (January 2021); no more reinstatements for expired contracts


Simplified Enterprise Agreement (EA)

  • Single tier for each EA: Calling, Meeting, Calling + Meeting EA
  • Hard bundle better-together Calling + Meeting: benefit when buying together – Competitive pricing
  • Easier entitlement for add-ons and extras
  • Programmatic Ramp for Calling – pre-select a Calling Ramp schedule; no LOA required!
  • Allows for 20 percent growth

Flexibility for Named User offering (3-tiers)

  • Professional – Designed for organizations utilizing multiple communication devices
    • Includes – multiple device support, Emergency Responder, SRST, Webex Teams, and voicemail.
  • Enhanced – Designed for task-based teams who use a single device without the need for voicemail.
    • Includes – one device support, Emergency Responder, SRST, Webex Teams
  • Access – Dial-tone and basic calling capabilities on basic devices.
    • Includes – one device support, Emergency Responder, SRST

New Pricing

  • Lower EA and NU calling prices include value for existing licenses – No trade-in required
  • Multi-year incentives for Named User and EA offer

Flex 3.0 is the direct result of feedback that Cisco received from its previous release of version 2.0. Gone is the complexity that plagued Flex in the past, replaced by streamlined, structured tiers, additional features at a more competitive price point.

For more information or to see how your organization can benefit from Flex 3.0, please contact your Stack8 representative.

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