Dubber Notes Call Recording

Dubber Call Recording turns meetings into AI-driven productivity.

Private, compliant, and now embedded with ZIRO as standard features.

Intelligent call recording and insights.

ZIRO now comes embedded with Dubber Moments as a free standard feature for all Microsoft Teams subscriptions.

You can also upgrade to other Dubber products for private and compliant cloud recording.

Dubber Notes
dubber call recording

Be certain conversations meet privacy, GDPR, and PCI compliance when captured and stored.

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dubber call recording

Improve sales performance and order accuracy with transcriptions and replay.

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dubber call recording

Improve customer experience with real-time insights into customer satisfaction.

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dubber call recording

Share knowledge, boost productivity, and improve coaching and training.

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Not all call recording is the same.

Dubber is private, secure, and compliant. Recordings are easily accessible and unified with AI-enriched insights.

Dubber Notes

Everything you need in one solution.

Dubber is the first fully integrated and affordable cloud recording solution that comes embedded into ZIRO for Microsoft.

dubber call recording

ZIRO + Dubber = Hassle-Free Call Recording

ZIRO is first to market Dubber AI for organizations that require simple and easy call recording features for Microsoft Teams. Dubber Moments is embedded for free, but you can upgrade at any time to add private and compliant cloud recording.



Upgrade for private and compliant cloud recording.


Notes by Dubber’s AI Notetaker helps de-risk calls and meetings by ensuring all important points and actions are captured and shared with attendees.

Dubber Notes - preparation


A successful call requires focused engagement and collaboration from all attendees. So put down your pen, immerse yourself in the conversation, and let Notes by Dubber capture what’s important.

Dubber Notes - focus


Share meeting outcomes to create alignment. Search and find important moments across all your calls and meetings whenever you need them.

Dubber Notes - share

ZIRO + Dubber

“We’re thrilled to partner with Dubber because they share our passion for innovation and no-hassle values.”

Steven Karachinsky



Ready to make your calls smarter and compliant?

With ZIRO and Dubber in your corner, your recordings are easily accessible and unified with AI-enriched insights. Smart. Compliant. No hassle.