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Confusion Over Teams Calling Plans

Paul Yantus
August 23, 2023
Microsoft Teams calling plans

ZIRO Offers An Answer To Which One Of Microsoft Calling Plans Fits Best

Montreal, QC. (August XX, 2023) – ZIRO, a unified communications software and services provider, announced today an easy way for enterprises to determine which one of Microsoft Teams Calling Plans fits best. ZIRO now offers a web-based query & answer solution that gives users clear direction on Microsoft Calling Plans. 

Microsoft calling plans come in several forms, including Standard Teams Calling Plans, Operator Connect, and Direct Routing. Microsoft has not clarified which plan is best and leaves it to enterprise IT to figure it out. ZIRO is now making this significantly easier by providing a way to profile an organization’s needs and get the answer in less than a minute.

The new online solution provides five questions to determine which solution offers the right mix of features to meet the organization’s needs. “We know enterprises struggle with this question all the time,” said Steven Karachinsky, CEO of ZIRO. “We wanted to provide a simple way to get the answer and keep enterprises focused on migration planning. We’ve seen the Microsoft community attempt to answer this by providing more information, but we believe people want a simple answer. Our tool offers this.

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The tool asks multiple-choice questions about the responding organization’s existing UC infrastructure, calling plan preference, compliance considerations, support preferences, and contact center requirements. This input provides the foundation for answering which Microsoft Calling plans are best for that organization.

“Our mission is to take the hassle out of enterprise unified communications,” said David Perlis, ZIRO Chief Operating Officer. “This tool is just a demonstration to enterprise IT that UC does not have to be hard or a mystery.” 

ZIRO takes the hassle out of Microsoft Teams phone systems by providing the expertise, transparency, and responsiveness that enterprises need to succeed in the future with unified communications.


ZIRO provides unified communications services and software in mid-size and large enterprises leveraging Microsoft Teams and Cisco. ZIRO gives mid-size companies the confidence that they are in good hands and will get the right UC solution and support in every situation due to the company’s unique blend of expertise, transparency, and responsiveness.

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