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Cisco Deprecated IP Phones in CUCM 14.0

Eric Losier, CTO
March 26, 2019
Update 2020-09-22
After a careful review of feedback from our customers and partners, Cisco is reversing its decision to deprecate multiple models of phones in Release 14. This will allow our customers to get additional usage from working models of Cisco IP Phones and not force immediate migration to alternate clients or phones during challenging business timeframes. The intent is to give our customers the opportunity to move to newer phone models and clients at a pace that is reasonable.
While we are not deprecating any additional endpoints in Release 14, Cisco’s policy to end of life phones has not changed. Cisco will not issue bug fixes or security enhancements for endpoints that have reached End of Software Maintenance or End of Support status, regardless of whether those endpoints are deprecated or not deprecated. Cisco will not test Unified Communications Manager with End of Life phones. Nor will we fix Unified Communications Manager bugs that are related to End of Life phones unless the issue can be replicated on a phone that is not End of Life.
Phones that were deprecated in Releases 11.x and 12.x will remain deprecated in all future releases.

Planning an upgrade for your Cisco Unified Communications environment? Preparing technology budgets for next year? In addition to getting your favorite Cisco UC experts involved for upgrading your systems to the latest release, Cisco has a surprise in store for long-time customers of their UC platform. Recently, Cisco has announced a large selection of IP phone models which will be deprecated with CUCM release 14.0. The silver lining: version 14 is not planned before 2020, so there is time to prepare for this impending event!

It is important to note that after you switch over to CUCM 14.0, registration of these phone models below will be blocked.

The following phone models are expected to be deprecated in CUCM 14: 

  • Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3911
  • Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3951
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 6911
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 6921
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 6941
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 6945
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 6961
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7906G
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7911G
  • Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925
  • Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G-EX
  • Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7926
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7931
  • Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7936
  • Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937G
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7940
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7960
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7961
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7985
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 8941

The following phone models were first deprecated in Release 12.0(x). That deprecation status carries over to Release 14:

  • Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7970
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7971

The following phone models were first deprecated in Release 11.5(x). That deprecation status carries over to Release 14:

  • Cisco IP Phone 12 S
  • Cisco IP Phone 12 SP
  • Cisco IP Phone 12 SP+
  • Cisco IP Phone 30 SP+
  • Cisco IP Phone 30 VIP
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7902G
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7905G
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7910
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7910G
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7910+SW
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7910G+SW
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7912G
  • Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920
  • Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7935

So why are these Cisco IP Phones being Deprecated?

According to Cisco:

  • Security—Since legacy phone models are not updated with critical software fixes, we have limited ability to protect customers when security issues arise.
  • New feature implementation——Some phone models were introduced many years ago (for example, the 7900 series was introduced ten years ago). The old hardware on these phone models impacts the implementation of new features and new security features.
  • Sustaining—No development support or regression testing is currently being done for these older phones.
  • End of Life – The phone models listed above have their End Of Sale and End of Life announced. These phone models will reach Last Date of Support before the FCS date for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release 14.

So what can you do?

  • Check your inventory of IP phones, including phones that are currently not in use.
  • Plan the migration to other phone series like the 7800 and 8800, in advance of moving to CUCM 14.
  • Look at alternative options including migrating to cloud technology, such as Stack8 Parlay Cloud UC, powered by Cisco BroadCloud.

The Stack8 team can help you with your deprecated Cisco IP phone challenges. Our team will work with you to come up with the right solution for your unique requirements.

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