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Cisco and Microsoft Delivering a Better User Experience

Steven Karachinsky, CEO
November 19, 2019

Industry Giants Join Together to Drive Open and Seamless Collaboration

 Collaboration: The act of working with someone to produce or create something.

It’s a word we use all the time. But, have you thought about what it really means? “The act of working with someone to produce or create something.” That statement carries a lot of weight.

Shaping the Future with Employee Experience

Our digital workplaces are more innovative and agile than ever before. People are at the forefront of developing the way work is performed, and they need the right collaboration technologies to get work done even faster. These tools must work seamlessly together to really be impactful in enabling teamwork that leads to better results, higher productivity, and engaged employees.

Recently Microsoft and Cisco announced a partnership that enables Cisco’s Webex video devices to connect to the Microsoft Teams meeting services in multiple ways.

  • First, Cisco Webex will introduce an interop solution that will be certified as a Microsoft Cloud Video Interop (CVI) offering to allow Cisco Webex Room devices and SIP video conferencing devices to join Microsoft Teams meetings with a reliable interop experience. 

Frictionless Collaboration in Multivendor Environments

Cisco and Microsoft are working together on a new approach that enables a direct guest join capability from one another’s video conferencing device to their respective meeting service web app (WebRTC based) – ability to join a Microsoft Teams meeting from a Webex Room Device and the ability to join a Cisco Webex Meeting from a Microsoft Teams Room.

These capabilities will be supported on the latest generations of meeting room devices that can run via embedded web technologies. Cisco will support additional vendors in the future. With today’s announcements, the companies hope to simplify and accelerate interoperability options for customers as they adopt Cisco Webex Teams and Webex Meetings solutions within their organizations.

Why are these integrations important?

Both companies have a large base of customers who use Cisco and Microsoft products. Customers will benefit from a reliable interop solution using their existing Cisco video conferencing devices to seamlessly join a Microsoft Teams meeting or using Cisco Webex Meetings to join a Microsoft Teams Room. 

Building the Bridge for Meaningful Experience-Centric Collaboration

This announcement further showcases Cisco’s and Microsoft’s joint commitment to openness by creating these enriched experiences for meeting participants in multivendor environments by providing frictionless collaboration without boundaries. 

To read the original article by Cisco, please Click Here

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