Unified Communications as a Service by ZIRO

Your workplace in the cloud.

The tech you need with the service delivery you want.

UCaaS solutions that are engineered around your choice of best-in-class platforms.

Switch between channels and tools with ease. Connect anytime no matter the process, preference, or place. All this and more within a network of Tier 1 global data centers.

Stay in control and ahead of the curve.

Uncover insights with data and reports

Create customizable data and identify key trends across all channels. Ensure consistent call quality with integrated diagnostic reporting.

Your platforms in any environment

Integrate messaging platforms like Microsoft Teams into any environment, enabling seamless connectivity with colleagues and customers.

Complete integration across channels

Deliver a virtual in-person experience, reduce costs, and boost productivity by hosting meetings with limitless participants, all in HD.

Future-proof your communications

Keep your infrastructure evergreen by staying continuously up to date and highly scalable while your business grows and changes.

Cut the costs and boost efficiency

Cut phone costs by 50% or more with one low monthly payment, getting rid of the high operating costs and ongoing expenses of old tech.

Seamless access to tools and services

Get access to phone services, conferencing capabilities, integrated mobile apps, analytics, and integrations to preferred CRM tools.

Ready to go from headache to hassle-free?

No throwing darts at proposals or contracts. No battling through the back-end. No nonsense, no run-around.