November 25, 2009#

Fearing the Dentist

While I was growing up, going to the Dentist was something I always dreaded.  After discussing why I hated going to the dentist with several others, certain dislikes were continually brought up and discussed.  Similar things that we found to be annoying and dreadful when visiting the dentist include what I have termed the 4 S’s. 1.    The Smell – There is a very distinct smell inside the Dentist’s office.  The smell would overcome me while walking down the hallway before I even entered the office.
2.    The Sound – The awful sound of the drill grinding my teeth will never be a pleasant sound.

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3.    The Staff – I am yet to have a successful visit when staff members have not spilt or caused something to fall on me.
4.    The Slur – The type of conversation held at the Dentist’s office is unique.  Dentists always ask questions while your mouth is pried open and an object or two are inside it. Besides the things I feared and disliked at the Dentist, my dentist always did two things which helped me endure my visit. 1.    Each and every time when I finished my appointment I was allowed to select one toy from the toy bin before leaving.  The toys constituted a very minimal cost for the Dentist and meant everything to me.  All I would think about during the appointment was the toy I would receive once it was all over.
2.    At my dentist’s office, anyone who did not have a cavity was able to enter a drawing to win a giant stuffed animal.  Each month a name was selected and that kid received the stuffed animal.

By gaining a better understanding of your patients, their likes and dislikes, you will be able to better serve them.  You will not be able to avoid all the dislikes, but you can provide certain benefits which will overshadow the negative aspects of going to the Dentist.